I think it is time for me personally to take a cool drink of water and refresh myself and others with some positivity. My tone has been rather critical and though I don’t negate the need for this at times, there are others who are probably wondering how I want to approach my lack of belief in any god or gods with integrity and good intentions? After all, every Atheist needs a moment to reset and create worthwhile goals in the few precious moments we know we have left in this life.

Why will I not resort to destroying my life in the midst of rising from the ashes of my former faith? A faith that at one time I was sure I would give my life for. For starters that would just be stupid and irrational. I knew even prior to this decision that it would be unwise to not have other reasons to go on and make a difference in the world. The fact that I can discern what is good and harmful to myself and others is reason enough to want to promote the highest good.

So far one thing that I highly treasure is the freedom to think independently and not get stoned for it. I owe some gratitude toward those who have labored to make this particular country democratic and secular. It’s a scary thing even in a free country to deviate from the majority. I always knew in the back of my mind that I wouldn’t be afraid to do that. The truth is that important to me, personally.

Some objectors will say, “so why have compassion?!” “Why not crown yourself king and seek every form of pleasure imaginable without regret?” Well, for one it would get really old! Even a hedonist can recognize his/her own limits. Whoever made this dichotomy between pleasure and virtue anyway? I want to have my cake and eat it too, thank you very much. Self deprivation is often illogical and leads to an even higher moral collapse in many cases.

That being said, I think what people find most immoral is the lack of discernment and recognition for the natural consequences of our actions. This I completely agree with! This strikes to the core of what it means to be either rational or irrational, moral or immoral. If you don’t know that glass cuts, or fire burns, or that broken tree limbs obey the earths gravitational pull then you are completely disconnected from reality.

So if you can recognize these things then I also admonish you to look at the world around you and see how you can best contribute to our need to flourish. This works best when we work with nature and not against it.

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